Monday, January 18, 2010

HUD Homes for Rent

Many families would like to rent a home, but the cost of renting homes is typically higher than renting an apartment. If a family is unable to afford a rental home due to their income, then they might be able to get HUD rental assistance. HUD gives section 8 vouchers to low income families which they can use to get HUD homes for rent. The voucher will help pay for part or all of the rent for a home. However, if it only pays part of the rent, the renter is responsible for paying the rest of it.

For a low income family to apply for a voucher to live in HUD homes for rent, they must meet the income limits. This is based on the median income of the area which you are renting. You can find the income limits on HUD’s website for your specific area. You have to prove your eligibility by showing HUD documents such as your pay stub or W2s. Take these documents down to the housing office when you go fill out an application for a voucher.

When you get the voucher, you can use it at any home that allows section 8. There are many places you can search to find HUD homes for rent. First, ask HUD for a list of homes that are available. Other places to look are home rental websites or even Craigslist. Just search for keywords like HUD or section 8.

If you have found a home which is not on HUD’s approved list, then HUD will need to check the home first. There are strict guidelines in place for owners to rent out their home in the HUD homes program. The home must meet quality standards such as having 3 electrical outlets in each room. After the home is inspected and passes the standards, then you may move into the HUD home.


  1. looking for hud houses for about $865.00 a month in arlington


  2. Welcome to the club. I'm 57 years old and I'm on a fixed income Social Security and can't afford to pay market rate for rent. But do you think that there are places that can help a person in my situation. No there is not. But if I was younger and had six or seven or more kids I could get help. But because I don't have a house full of kids I can't get any help or housing assistance.