Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fixed Income Housing

My dad has been looking for fixed income housing because he wants to find a cheaper place to stay. Since he has retired for several years, his only income is social security. As you know, social security barely pays any money and it is not enough to pay for rent and other living costs. Fixed income housing would be good for him because part of the rent is subsidized by the government.

I helped him to look for some homes by going online. We were able to find a couple of places that seemed like a good fit for him. Mainly, I wanted to find a place where it would be convenient for him to go shopping for food and getting access to transportation. Also, it would be good if he lived near me so that I can take care of him. So we took a trip to each of these houses to have a look. Eventually we decided on one of them because it had all the things we were looking for. Now my dad will have some extra money left at the end of the month when he gets his payment since most of it won't be going towards rent.